About our menu Items

All-Day Bagel Combos


We offer you any Bagel Sandwich or any Bagel with Cream Cheese flavor or Hummus with a hot drink (Americano (w/milk),Tea, Expresso, Kombucha) or a cold drink (Smoothie w/water, Iced Tea, Cafe Frappé, Kombucha, Soda). Save over 25% compared with individually priced items. For Q4 extra you can make your hot drink large (16 oz).

Go large on any Combo:

That means  you can swap your hot drink from any of the meal combos for a large sized (16 oz) one.

Bagels, cream cheese and flavors:

We bake our own bagels fresh, every morning at 6:30am at our backery in Antigua. Our fresh bagels reach the store by 8am in a variety of flavors.  Lately we have been introducing new Bagels and Cream Cheese flavors based on what we could find on the land.  We have since come up with Maya Nut.

Bagel Flavors:

We produce most flavors most days, based on how many leftoevers there are from yesterday.  Our current flavors include, but we are always adding new flavors and of course we welcome new ideas that you may want to pass on.

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Cream Cheese Flavors:

We keep a large healthy choice of cream cheeses for you to choose from... Our new one are with Maya Nut and with Black Beans. Try them!

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