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At The Bagel Barn we always like to make sure that you enjoy your visit, and at the same time to share with you, the culture and language. Come watching a movie with us, practice your spanish skills and comprehension, and see more of the reality of the latin american countries projected on the films we play, or simply lay back and relax. This is your home!

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Books + Magazines + Travel Guides + Local News Papers

Have a Coffee & read or plan your next trip

The Bagel Barn is also a great place to read, while enjoying of a good drink. Bring your favorite book and enjoy the atmosphere that our barn offers. You will also find used travel guides for Mexico, Belize, Central America and more countries that you can read for free to plan the next step of your adventure.


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We are proud to offer free WIFI to all customers with food/drink orders on their table. We can not guarantee the internet connection. We may shut down WIFI service during peak hours. Please take good care of your belongings - we are not responsible for theft.