The Others

Products 100% made in Guatemala

The Bagel Barn is proud to offer you a variety of products of excellent quality made in Guatemala, Land of the Mayas, thereby helping support the economy and ecology of the country.


The Bagel Barn also supports non profit organizations that are bringing hope to many people in need or with health problems in the country. You will find below the links for these organization websites. We encourage you to extend your hand and help:

Peace Corps

Peace Corps supports rural communities throughout Guatemala in local development processes since 1963.

visit the website

Nuestros Ahijados (God'sChild):

The God's Child Project is an educational development organization dedicated to "breaking the chains of poverty through education and formation." Since its founding in 1991 by Patrick Atkinson, it has grown to more than 12 distinct programs in five different countries.

Camino Seguro (Safe Passage):

Safe Passage brings hope, education and opportunity to the children and families living in extreme poverty around the City's garbage dump.


WINGS creates opportunities for Guatemalan families to improve their lives by providing them with family planning education and access to reproductive health services.