We offer discounts to: Peacecorps, God´s Child and YOUR ORGANIZATION TOO!

Many people from all over the world visit us. Some of them experiencing the trip of their lives, others having fun and at the same time bringing help to the people in need from Guatemala.

The Bagel Barn, encourages everybody to travel and see the world, and to not forget that there is only one life. When it is possible to share it is good to do it. When it is possible to help, it is good to do it also. At the end sharing and helping is not an obligation is a priviledge that all of us sometimes do not recognize that we have the opportunity of create a smile. That' s why we proudly support ONG's members with 15% of discount (Official ID Card of the Organization required). You help people, we help you!

We want as well to welcome you to Guatemala by offering to you a great service and a nice place where you can feel like at home. We offer different free services, such as, WIFI all the day and Movies every night.